Creating a Corporate Identity or Corporate Identity is very important. Building a brand will provide you with regular customers who are used to a certain quality that you provide them with.

Without building a brand, it is difficult to assert yourself and differentiate yourself from the competition. Therefore, the basis of any business is to start building a corporate identity right away.

What is Corporate identity?

It is all that sets you apart from the competition and points directly to you. Your name is one of the main corporate identities. Another necessary aspect of corporate identity is logo your company or your business. A quality logo remains in peoples subconscious and thanks to that they get to know you and your products.

Other things that make up a corporate identity are:

  • Web page
  • leaflets
  • business cards
  • promotional items
  • way of presenting the company

By using our services, you will gain time that you can invest in business or for your loved ones.

Where we provide our services?

Throughout the territory of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

  • possibility of a personal meeting in Trnava and surroundings

For whom is the service suitable Corporate identity?

  • for sole traders, SZČO
  • for companies, ltd.
  • for those who want to have a professional company logo
  • for those who need to build a corporate identity
  • people who sell their services and products
  • for those who want to save their time and money
  • for entrepreneurs who are developing their business

What does the Corporate identity service include?

We will create an original and professional company logo according to your ideas, for which I can create a logo manual and a complete visual identity of the company.

  • a timeless logo that will still be in 20 years
  • complete visual identity of the company
  • logo that will present the power and quality of your services and products

After delivering all the documents, we will start creating your corporate identity. We will go step by step to see what your logo should look like and what direction you would like to take so that we can adapt your corporate identity. We will consult with you every single step in person, by email or by phone.

How to work with us?

For each client we have individual and friendly approach. We try to understand your situation and meet your needs. We will be happy to help you with any request when ordering or the actual implementation of the service.

After delivering your idea and documents, we can start working on your website. You can send us the documents by email, post or we will agree on a personal collection in Trnava and its surroundings.

We will inform you about each step by email or telephone.


What benefits do we offer you?

  • Absolute discretion
  • Individual and friendly approach
  • We will save your time, which you can use for business
  • We will inform you about each step
  • We will help you if you can not handle something