Admit that you also visited a social network today. The most famous social networks include Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Millions of people from all over the world come to this site every day.

You can playfully promote your products and services by creating a Facebook page, Instagram account and targeted advertising. Social networks help build links to your website and thus build a better SEO rank in search engines. You can promote your products and services on social networks, so why not use it? We will do a complete analysis and create a custom FB page, Instagram and start advertising products and building link building.

Many years of experience on social networks, completion of courses and training.
By using our services, you will gain time that you can invest in business or for your loved ones.

Where we provide our services?

Throughout the territory of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

  • possibility of a personal meeting in Trnava and surroundings

For whom is the service suitable Marketing on Social networks?

    for sole traders, SZČO
  • for companies, ltd.
  • for entrepreneurs who want to advertise on the Internet
  • for entrepreneurs who do not want to waste potential clients
  • for entrepreneurs who want to increase their sales
  • for those who want to be higher in the search engines
  • for entrepreneurs who want to keep in touch with their customers

What does the service include Marketing on Social networks?

Complete market analysis on social networks and strategy design. We will create a customized FB page, Instagram, YouTube campaign, which we will manage and adjust to be as efficient as possible.

  • complete market analysis on social networks and strategy design
  • customized Facebook, Instagram and YouTube
  • part of the service is also the care of your social networks
  • publishing a contribution and encouraging people to take action
  • creating and targeting ads to potential customers
  • building your corporate identity

How to work with us?

For each client we have individual and friendly approach. We try to understand your situation and meet your needs. We will be happy to help you with any request when ordering or the actual implementation of the service.

After delivering your idea and documents, we can start working on your website. You can send us the documents by email, post or we will agree on a personal collection in Trnava and its surroundings.

We will inform you about each step by email or telephone.


What benefits do we offer you?

  • Absolute discretion
  • Individual and friendly approach
  • We will save your time, which you can use for business
  • We will inform you about each step
  • We will help you if you can not handle something